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Chymical Wedding

Rebirth & Resurrection

25 April 1983
My name is Nicholas Graham. I'm a Hermetic magician, budding alchemist, Alexandrian Witch, healer-in-training, occult author, and all around mystical guy. I'm here only to stay in touch with my true and trusted friends. I've been burned enough by fakes and jackasses. Edit: I may add and delete people from my friends list if they interest me, and if I think that there's some potential of real friendship. I keep several custom friends groups for different 'levels' of friendship. Those will be strictly regulated, only for those who have earned my trust and lasting respect. I won't return-friend everybody who friends me.

You want to know a little more about me? Ok, I'll throw you a bone.

Politics: Socially liberal, economically ambivalent.
Religion: I am a Hermetic through and through. Even my Wicca is Hermetic.
Philosophy: I am a Hermetic through and through, etc.
Favorite TV Shows: Democracy Now! ("The Exception to the Rulers"), Northern Exposure and Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations ("[I]t's worth keeping in mind which side of the glass I'm on."), Mythbusters, Good Eats, Dirty Jobs.
Favorite Movies: Ghostbusters, The Princess Bride, What the Bleep?!... Lord, what else? I know there are others.
Favorite Books (Fiction): City of Saints and Madmen by Jeff VanderMeer, Dealing With Dragons (and the rest of the Enchanted Forest Chronicles) by Patricia C. Wrede, Perdido Street Station by China Mieville, The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Illusions by Richard Bach.
Favorite Books (Non-Fiction): Initiation Into Hermetics, Practice of Magical Evocation & Key to the True Quabbalah by Franz Bardon, A Bardon Companion by Rawn Clark, The Isaiah Effect by Gregg Braden, Tao Te Ching by Lao-tze (I prefer the John Bright-Fey translation), The Path of Alchemy by Mark Stavish, Encyclopedia of Natural Magic by John Michael Greer.
Favorite Authors: Franz Bardon, John Michael Greer, Mark Stavish, Gregg Braden, Jeff VanderMeer, Thich Naht Hanh.
Favorite Poets: Rumi, William Blake, Lord Byron, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Lao-tze.
Favorite Music: Emperor, Switchblade Symphony, Anael, Izrael Kamakawiwo'ole, Ra, Masquerade, Goth Box (a diverse goth compilation), Mythos... This especially shifts with my mood.
Spiritual Ancestors: Franz Bardon, Jesus Christ, Siddhartha Guatama, Lao-tze, Rumi, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Thomas Merton.