Important Open Letter

"As anyone who has looked at this blog recently can see, we are concerned over the current situation in Burma. I wish I had known enough about this before, but unfortunately this long-term situation is only now coming to the attention of most Americans.

"Not only have numerous civilians and Buddhist monks alike been beaten, arrested, and killed already, but the UN's efforts to intervene have been stalled by China's refusal to do anything about the situation. I may not be a big fan of international interventions, but human rights violations are my one exception. I find the lack of a concrete international response to be unconscionable in light of the desires of the men and women involved in the peaceful uprising. What are these desires which produce such intense rage in the hearts of the Burmese military government? Liberty, democracy, and the simple right to life. These are similar to the reasons why China has done everything in its power to stem the tide of popular Buddhism within its own borders and abroad. Buddhism encourages liberation and discourages the fear of earthly powers."

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Book Signing & Grand Opening

Metaphysical store Crystal Dragonfly has been selling my book since opening. The owner, Ursula, has asked me to be there for the grand opening celebration and I agreed. It will take place September 21, from 5 to 9 pm. The celebration will include meditation, drumming, and food.

Crystal Dragonfly
145 Wall Street
Waynesville, NC 28786
Phone: 828-456-2244

lupagreenwolf, if you could please put this on your website, I'd very much appreciate it. :-)

Anybody who wants to, please spread the word. Thanks!

And Such

Bill Nye booed for saying that the Moon reflects the light of the Sun. I agree with primaldog that these people deserve a firm curb stomping. Bill Nye is better than you!

And thanks to sheta_kaey for these articles:
The Eternal Value of Privacy. Self-explanatory.
Papers Please: Arrested At A Circuit City. Arrested for believing that customers shouldn't be treated like criminals.
The Fear of Fear Itself. On the disappointments of Democrats in power.